What is a precinct captain?

Answer A precinct captain is an individual who links his political party with the voters in his precinct. A precinct captain can be responsible for helping his party with registering voters, distributing ... Read More »

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What is a cathedral precinct?

A cathedral precinct is defined as the grounds surrounding the cathedral itself. These grounds can vary greatly from cathedral to cathedral. Some are surrounded by a wall, while others include inns... Read More »

What is a ward&precinct?

Wards and precincts are both political subdivisions that exist within the jurisdiction of a municipal government. The two are not the same however, and both terminologies often serve as sources of ... Read More »

What is captain ball Or captain?

In history, there's a Captain called Ball. Captain Ball. In sports, there's a ball game call captainball. It's a game where a catcher stands on a chair and a blocker blocks the catcher from catchi... Read More »

What is the Law and Order SVU episode when the precinct explodes?

In the episode 'Svengali' (original air date 11/6/07) a pizza is delivered for Olivia which is actually a pipe bomb. It explodes when Fin carelessly tosses it on a desk.