What is a precinct captain?

Answer A precinct captain is an individual who links his political party with the voters in his precinct. A precinct captain can be responsible for helping his party with registering voters, distributing ... Read More »

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Which is a higher rank captain in the army or captain in navy?

The Navy and Coast Guard use a rank system considerably different from that of other military forces. In the Army, Air Force, and Marines, Captain is pay grade O-3. In the Navy, O-3 is Lieutenant. ... Read More »

What is a ward&precinct?

Wards and precincts are both political subdivisions that exist within the jurisdiction of a municipal government. The two are not the same however, and both terminologies often serve as sources of ... Read More »

What is a cathedral precinct?

A cathedral precinct is defined as the grounds surrounding the cathedral itself. These grounds can vary greatly from cathedral to cathedral. Some are surrounded by a wall, while others include inns... Read More »

Are precinct delegates paid?

Every voting precinct in the United States has representatives from both the Democratic and Republican parties that are called precinct delegates. These are volunteer political positions and are no... Read More »