What is a potato ricer used for?

Answer A potato ricer is a handheld food processor, with holes typically no wider than grains of rice, used to make a wide variety of food dishes that require rice-sized, spaghetti-like or mashed potatoes... Read More »

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What is a potato ricer?

Potato ricers are kitchen utensils used to mash potatoes. The ricer has many small holes that cooked potatoes are squeezed through. It is often used to make mashed potatoes and creates a smoother t... Read More »

What is the usual size of a potato sack used in potato sack races?

Potato sacks come in many sizes, ranging from 22-by-36 inches to 24-by-40 inches. The size of the sack should be adjusted based on the size and age of the racers. Many companies sell burlap sacks s... Read More »

What does RICER mean in first aid?

it is an acronym for the treatment of soft tissue injuriesREST - the affected areaICE - apply ice to the area, will reduce pain and inflammationCOMPRESSION - to help healELEVATION - allows blood to... Read More »

What percentage of potatoes are used to make potato chips in the U.S.?

In the U.S., 12 percent of the 46 billion lbs. of potatoes produced are made into potato chips, according to the potato experts at RPE. That makes 5.5 billion lbs. of potato chips annually.Source:R... Read More »