What is a potato ricer?

Answer Potato ricers are kitchen utensils used to mash potatoes. The ricer has many small holes that cooked potatoes are squeezed through. It is often used to make mashed potatoes and creates a smoother t... Read More »

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What is a potato ricer used for?

A potato ricer is a handheld food processor, with holes typically no wider than grains of rice, used to make a wide variety of food dishes that require rice-sized, spaghetti-like or mashed potatoes... Read More »

What does RICER mean in first aid?

it is an acronym for the treatment of soft tissue injuriesREST - the affected areaICE - apply ice to the area, will reduce pain and inflammationCOMPRESSION - to help healELEVATION - allows blood to... Read More »

Sweet Potato Baked Potato Or Boiled Potato Which from this list do you like better?

Whether baked potato or sweet potato is too close to call..and boiled isn't bad, either.

A question about a ricer (car)?

Ricer, which started with the longer version 'rice racer' is generally referring to suped up Japanese imports. Some of these may be poser cars with tin can mufflers and oversized spoilers bolted o... Read More »