Pete colored one half of a poster Ray colored one third of a poster what is left?

Answer The National Guard is a military organization and the members are expected to train and serve as Military persons in times of crisis's.Currently there are many thousand US national guard servicemen... Read More »

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How do you get sharpie off a poster board without destroying the poster board?

No,any marker does come off poster board without destroying it.

If the legal guardian of a child let the child visit his mother and she does not return the child how do you get the child back?

Answer Contact the local police and request they accompany the guardian to the residence where the child is located. This is not an ideal solution, however a court appointed guardian is responsible... Read More »

What is a powerpoint poster?

I'll assume you can identify a poster and Powerpoint. A powerpoint poster are slides that you create to form a poster. Each slide is a section of the poster.

What is a poster session?

A poster session is a presentation of different posters with any combination of text, charts, graphs and photos on each, relating to a given subject. Many conferences and seminars schedule poster s... Read More »