What is a postage scale?

Answer A postage scale is a sensitive scale designed to calculate postage. Some postal scales include a postage meter, which can print the appropriate amount of postage for the item being weighed. An accu... Read More »

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How to Read an Old Postage Scale?

Knowing how to read an old postage scale is an asset in helping individuals and businesses save money. By getting a precise weight of your letters and packages, you can be sure you are not overpayi... Read More »

How to Create a Letter Postage Scale?

Here is a simple way to create a US specific first-class letter scale that is surprisingly accurate and simple. You will know if your first-class letter requires more than standard postage and if s... Read More »

How Can I Download the New Postage Rate on My Postal Scale?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) works with manufacturers to provide business solutions. According to the USPS, "A particular advantage of meters is the ability to print the exact rate you n... Read More »

In windows excel, Clicking the scale arrow in the Scale to fit group opens which dialoug box?

To answer your test and/or homework assignment, choose "D" (Page Setup), since this is based upon the 2007 version of MS-Excel..