What is a possessory conservator?

Answer Answer Possessory conservator refers to the person in a custody order who does not have the child/children living with them the majority of the time.

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Does a possessory conservator automatically have custody of a child when the managing conservator who lives with child at grandmother's house die and can the grandmother refuse to let child go to the possessory conservator in Texas?

Answer This would be a change of circumstances. What are the best interests of the child? If the father wants to contest it - I think he has a good case. Answer Yeah it definitely deals with a modi... Read More »

What's the major difference between a 'managing conservator' and a 'possessory' one?

Answer The legal definition is a managing conservator is the person in whose home the child resides and the person who receives financial support for the child. The possessory conservator is the pe... Read More »

If an acting conservator dies and her husband is named as the 'assuming conservator' what are the options a sister has to gain custodial rights of the minor child?

Answer None.The court has ruled on the custodial issues of the minor child/children involved.Unless the appointed custodian is deemed unfit or unable to assume the responsiblity by the court, the ... Read More »

Can a towing company have a possessory lien on a vehicle?

Under limited circumstances, towing companies may have a possessory lien on a vehicle. In Utah, for example, under Section 41-6-191 of state code 95-091, a tow truck operator has a possessory lien ... Read More »