What is a portable USB drive?

Answer A portable USB (universal serial bus) drive is a flash memory storage device used to backup or transfer computer files. The drive is considered portable as it is removable. Portable USB drives are... Read More »

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Software To Fix My Bad Portable Drive? can attempt to fix the disk, it's pretty good and if that says the drive may fail then you REALLY need to get the files off.Just choose its "refresh data" op... Read More »

Portable Drive Going Bad Question?

I would just get another storage medium whether it be online. on your working harddrive, or another external HDD to transfer the files. I would not burn the files to a DVD if you are having power i... Read More »

What is a portable hard drive used for?

Computer owners typically use portable hard drives to store or transport data. Because of their small size and high storage capacity, they are convenient for exchanging files between computers. Som... Read More »

What Is a Portable Media Drive?

A portable media drive is, in short, exactly what it says it is: a portable piece of hardware that you can easily carry around with you. There are many different brands of portable media drives. Ea... Read More »