What is a port cell number?

Answer A government mandate called Local Number Portability requires landline and wireless companies to allow customers to keep a specific phone number when changing service providers. A port cell number ... Read More »

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Can you port a landline number to a cell phone?

You can port a landline number to a cell phone. The cell phone service provider takes care of the process for you. It usually takes seven to ten business days to complete.References:Jeremiah Nelson... Read More »

Can you port a Qwest landline number to a cell phone?

Yes, you can port a landline number from Denver-based Qwest Communications International to a cell phone. According to the FCC’s rules on number portability, you may port any number to and from a... Read More »

What is a charge port in a cell phone?

All cell phones come standard with a charging port. Usually located on the side or bottom edge, this port allows for the replenishment of power once your battery drains. Because there are different... Read More »

How to Use the Infrared Port on Your Cell Phone?

The infrared port on many cell phones allows you to quickly transfer data between infrared devices. Although infrared has been supplanted by the more robust Bluetooth technology, it's still a viabl... Read More »