What is a port cell number?

Answer A government mandate called Local Number Portability requires landline and wireless companies to allow customers to keep a specific phone number when changing service providers. A port cell number ... Read More »

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Can you port a landline number to a cell phone?

You can port a landline number to a cell phone. The cell phone service provider takes care of the process for you. It usually takes seven to ten business days to complete.References:Jeremiah Nelson... Read More »

Can you port a Qwest landline number to a cell phone?

Yes, you can port a landline number from Denver-based Qwest Communications International to a cell phone. According to the FCC’s rules on number portability, you may port any number to and from a... Read More »

What is a charge port in a cell phone?

All cell phones come standard with a charging port. Usually located on the side or bottom edge, this port allows for the replenishment of power once your battery drains. Because there are different... Read More »

How t o hide my phone number or cell number if i call anybody,my number should not be displayed?