What is a population parameter?

Answer Population parameter is a term used in statistics. It refers to a measurement of a population that is being studied. The parameter is a number that is used by scientists to describe a specific popu... Read More »

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What does"parameter value"mean?

Computer programs process and relay information using functions. Parameters represent variable input values, which functions use to calculate a result. The specific values entered when a function r... Read More »

What does invalid parameter mean?

The DOS error message "invalid parameter" indicates that the system does not understand what was typed on the command line. This is primarily caused by incorrect spelling and punctuation errors.Ref... Read More »

What is a parameter query in Access?

The query object in an Access database is created to allow the user to extract and view data in the database that meets a certain condition. The parameter query is one that prompts the user for dif... Read More »

Draw line with parameter?

Horizontal Line with JavaScript hr("75%","4")