What is a popular breakfast item in your country.. please mention the country?

Answer biscuits, gravy, bacon, sausage, grits, scrambled eggs, pancakesUnited States

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Name the food which represents ur country/state and also mention ur country's name.?

Hello, I'm from Singapore - a city known for it's many cuisines & abundance of great food. Chicken rice is ever so populay here. It's a dish where the rice is boiled with the chicken stock & the ... Read More »

Wat is your usual food item pls specify with your region or country.?

North IndianMain article: North Indian cuisineNaan with curryNorth Indian cuisine is distinguished by the higher proportion-wise use of dairy products; milk, paneer, ghee (clarified butter), and yo... Read More »

What is it called when you attack a country outside your country to defend your country?

What do you usually have for breakfast and state your country?

It varies. Often cereal (Weetabix a definite favourite). It's what I grew up with, as most British people do (which tells you where I'm from).Or porridge, which used to be rather a chore but it's... Read More »