What is a thermoplastic polymer?

Answer Thermoplastic polymers are plastics that can melt and be molded into specific shapes. After cooling, the product becomes slightly rubbery. When cooled below a certain point, it becomes very rigid, ... Read More »

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Is water a polymer?

Water is not a polymer, meaning it is not made of smaller, separate molecules. Represented by the chemical formula H20, water is a polar covalent molecule and connects to other molecules using hydr... Read More »

Carnauba vs. Polymer Wax?

The two basic choices of automotive wax type (carnauba and regular polymer) may seem interchangable at first glance, but don't be fooled; each has specific virtues, drawbacks and intended applicati... Read More »

What is polymer science?

Polymer science, also known as macromolecular science, is a subfield of materials science concerned with polymers.What is material science?Material science investigates the relationship between the... Read More »

Use of Polymer in Car Manufacturing?

The main reason for using polymer plastics in car manufacturing is to reduce the total weight of the vehicle, which saves fuel. Car makers are incorporating increasing amounts of polymers in their ... Read More »