What is polymer science?

Answer Polymer science, also known as macromolecular science, is a subfield of materials science concerned with polymers.What is material science?Material science investigates the relationship between the... Read More »

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What polymer is Nalgene?

Nalgene is made of a plastic polymer known as Lexan polycarbonate. This material is the choice for Nalgene bottles because of its durability and inability to carry odor or flavors to the liquid ins... Read More »

What is a thermoplastic polymer?

Thermoplastic polymers are plastics that can melt and be molded into specific shapes. After cooling, the product becomes slightly rubbery. When cooled below a certain point, it becomes very rigid, ... Read More »

What is the job description for a polymer chemist?

Polymers are small molecules joined together to form a single layer molecule. A polymer chemist develops polymers to create ingredients that require specific physical and chemical properties.Educa... Read More »

What kind of polymer is neoprene?

Neoprene is a kind of polymer known as an elastomer, which is a polymer with the qualities of rubber. It is composed primarily of polychloroprene, and its properties can be altered by co-polymerizi... Read More »