What is a poly cup?

Answer Polycup is the name of a plastic cup manufacturer based in China. In general terms, the word "poly cup" is a slang term for cups that use polystyrene, a petroleum-based plastic material, for therma... Read More »

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Difference between CI poly and FS poly?

A CI poly asks questions centered around espionage, sabotage, disclosure of classified material, etc. A lifestyle Poly focuses on items related to your personal life. A FullScope Poly is a combinat... Read More »

What is a poly V belt?

According to, a poly V belt is a drive belt with multiple Vs. The belt is flat and similar to the toothed belt used as a timing belt, but it has lengthwise V-shaped ribs. The poly... Read More »

What is a poly tone?

A poly tone is a synthesized ring tone designed to closely resemble an original recording. Poly tones can be downloaded to a mobile phone and programmed to announce an incoming call or text message... Read More »

What is poly vinyl?

Polyvinyl is a very commonly used plastic called polyvinyl chloride or PVC. It is easily available at hardware stores.PVC PipesMost of the pipes in modern houses are made from polyvinyl chloride. V... Read More »