What is a police impound?

Answer Police impounds are lots where cars and other vehicles seized by the police are held and stored until they can be collected by their owners or sold.FunctionPolice impounds allow the police force to... Read More »

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What Is an Impound Payment?

An impound account, also sometimes referred to as an escrow account, is an account that is held by a mortgage company or third party which collects payments from a borrower on a monthly basis. Then... Read More »

What is an Escrow Impound Account in a Mortgage?

When a borrower takes out a mortgage, the lender typically sets up an escrow account, a pool of money put aside to pay expenses such as property tax and insurance. Escrow impound accounts ensure th... Read More »

How do I get my vehicle out of impound?

Having a vehicle impounded is a frustrating and oftentimes costly experience, and understanding how to get your vehicle out of impound is crucial. A vehicle is usually impounded for one of two reas... Read More »

How much is the tax impound on a loan?

The amount of taxes you can expect to pay on your property taxes will vary depending on when you officially purchased the property. If you close on a home near tax time, you will be paying more.Ref... Read More »