How to Get the Poke Flute in the Game "Pokemon Snap"?

Answer The Poke Flute is a special item in the Nintendo 64 adventure game "Pokemon Snap." The aim of the game is to take photos of various Pokemon in their natural habitat. The flute enables players to ge... Read More »

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How to Earn the Poke Flute on "Pokemon SoulSilver"?

In "Pokemon SoulSilver," you travel through the Johto region as you hunt, fight and capture various Pokemon species. One of these Pokemon is a sleeping Snorlax that blocks your path near Lavender T... Read More »

What is "poke" in facebook I couldnt understand it. If I poke my friend, what happens?

KEEP IT IN THE PANTS MAN!!!No Actually its just a way of getting their attention is all.Good Luck HTH.

How to Poke Fun at Somebody?

Looking to tell somebody you don't like them? Even trying to fend off a crush you do not like? Here is a article about this.

Whats a pig in a poke?

A 'poke' is a colloquial term for a tote sack or gunny sack. To 'buy a pig in a poke' is to buy something without seeing it.