What is a pointer in c++?

Answer Pointers are probably the most confusing aspect of programming in C++. At first glance, pointers appear to be mere duplicates of existing variables in a program. However, pointers have an entirely ... Read More »

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What is a PDA pointer?

The pointer for a personal digital assistant, or PDA, is a small pen-shaped metal or plastic device with a small, soft tip. The pointer--more commonly known as a stylus--allows the device to receiv... Read More »

What is a directory pointer?

A directory pointer allows a user to assign a domain to a specific sub-directory or folder on a remote server. This allows a user to host many different domains and websites on a single server.Refe... Read More »

What is a mouse pointer?

A mouse pointer is the actual cursor that the computer user will see on the computer screen. The mouse pointer can change into a variety of shapes as an indication of the computer's current action.... Read More »

What is a hip pointer injury?

A condition caused by impact to the hip bone, top of the femur or tissues in surrounding areas, hip pointer injuries occur due to a lack of fat covering these specific areas.FrequencyHip pointer in... Read More »