What is a point of sales transaction?

Answer A point of sales (POS) transaction most often happens when a sales clerk accepts payment in exchange for products. However, POS transactions can also happen at self-checkout counters, pay-at-the-pu... Read More »

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What Is a Point of Sale Transaction?

Point of sale transactions are sales that take place at computerized sales terminals. The point of sale machine deducts inventory and calculates sales tax and totals for the salesperson to give to ... Read More »

How to Calculate the Break Even Point in Dollar Sales?

Understanding your business's break-even point is a fundamental budget and cash-flow projection tool. The break-even point is when sales revenue equals total expenses; there is zero profit, but the... Read More »

What month did North RAvenwood Store have the highest sales for product and installation sales?

In what month did the North Ravenwood store have the highest sales for product and installation salesRead the chart that is provided. I believe the answer is June.

What percentage of sales do property owners get of vending machine sales?

Property owners usually get 15 to 33 percent of sales from vending machines placed on their property depending on the popularity of the location. High traffic locations usually are more attractive ... Read More »