Is it manly to write a valentine's day poem for a girlfriend?

Answer On One Hand: Social Constructs.Oftentimes certain activities are associated with masculinity and femininity. Traditional social constructs say that women are more in tune with their emotions than m... Read More »

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How to Tell Who the Speaker Is in a Poem?

The speaker is the voice or "persona" of a poem. One should not assume that the poet is the speaker because the poet may be writing from a perspective entirely different from his or her own, even w... Read More »

Help! My girlfriend went numb for 3 hours after she woke up and couldn`t move! Please tell me what it could be?

it could be a number of things but you need to take her to the emergency room of your local hospital now even if she feels ok now something went very wrong therethis can be anything from migraine s... Read More »

How to tell my mom and dad that my girlfriend is pregnant?

My best friend got pregnant by her boyfriend who she had known and dating for several years. Her boyfriend came to her house alone and spoke just with her dad. In a very calm tone he explained how ... Read More »

How to Tell Your Girlfriend You Have an STD?

You've had a steady relationship for some time, and suddenly your girlfriend wants you to get tested for STDs. It turns out you have one. How can you break the news without breaking up?