What is a plate charger?

Answer When you attend a formal dinner party or eat dinner in an upscale restaurant, you may notice a large plate set at each place at the table. The large plate, known as a charger, serves a purely decor... Read More »

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Why is a plate called a charger?

A charger is a type of decorative dishware that rests underneath the rest of the place setting. The word "charger" was passed along with other culinary traditions from the French.The BasicsThe char... Read More »

Ideas for a Plate Charger?

Plate chargers are decorative plates that fit beneath your dinnerware plate. Using them can add extra embellishment and charm to your dinner table. Many people use them for special occasions, such ... Read More »

What is the origin of the phrase charger plate?

The phrase "charger plate" originated with a late Latin verb "carricare" or "carcare," meaning "to load," according to Oxford Dictionaries. The word "chargeour" entered Middle English in 1305, prob... Read More »

I have a old Eye clopse projector and I lost the charger can I just plug my charger that fits into to make it?

You may find a tag or something on the projector about power requirements. You need a charger that is the right voltage and current that has the correct connector.