What movie is it where people are on a plane and swarm of monsters attack plane and to live you must go to sleep but one person must stay awake?

Answer The Langoliers

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Is it safer to travel by plane or is it more likely the train would crash or the plane HELP?

Dont worry about it, I have been railroading more or less every day since 1973 and I have not been injured yet. You are much much safer on a train than the cab ride to the station. And just for the... Read More »

Is a plane rack an inclined plane?

A plane rack refers to a rack used to store one or more model planes and is a term used by hobbyists who build or fly model planes. It is distinct from an inclined plane, which is a mathematical te... Read More »

What is a jet plane?

Jet engines, a type of gas turbine engine, provide power and thrust for jet aircraft. The introduction of jet planes in the 20th century forever changed aviation in both military and civil arenas.F... Read More »

What can i do on a plane ?

I'm sure you will get through the flight!! I managed a 26 hour flighht to australia x_x here are some things you can do :D : You will be able to take your phone but make sure its on plane mode or i... Read More »