How to Plait?

Answer If you ever wanted to know how to plait, read on!Plaiting (braiding) is a very simple technique!

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How to Plait a Maypole?

Plaiting a maypole's ribbons has been a celebration since before the rise of the Roman Empire. Pagans began the maypole dance as a tradition celebrating Beltane, a fertility holiday. Through time, ... Read More »

How to Tie a French Plait?

A French plait is a hair style that ties the hair by wrapping three section of hair over one another to form a braid. French plaits, or braids, can be incorporated into casual styles or into elegan... Read More »

How to Scalp Plait?

Braiding hair is an art that creates beautiful hair styles. There are several ways to braid hair. Each one lets your hair lie differently. Braiding is done with your hands, moving slowly to control... Read More »

How to Do a Hair Plait?

A hair plait, or braided hairstyle, is a quick and simple style that works beautifully for elegant occasions but also looks nice as a more casual look. It helps keep your hair out of your face and ... Read More »