What was the show in the 90's on Australian tv that had puppet astronaut people that were flying through space in a pirate ship style space ship?

Answer There were a number of science fiction shows featuring the patented Gerry Anderson process known as Supermarionation. It is not rendered Superanimation. some of the venues and plots were updated st... Read More »

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What was the name of the pirate Blackbeard's ship?

The North Carolina Maritime Museum states that the British ship was originally named "Concord" before being captured by the French and renamed "La Concorde de Nantes." Blackbeard renamed it "Queen ... Read More »

How to Draw a Pirate Ship?

Ever wanted to be a captain and have your own pirate ship?Learn to draw your own ship with these easy steps!

Types of Sails on a Pirate Ship?

Of all of the classic characters to figure in popular imagination, perhaps none have quite the allure or mystique as pirates. Terrorizing ships and ports throughout the world, pirates saw their hey... Read More »

How do i make a pirate ship for a party?

MaterialsVisit a motorcycle dealership to get a box big enough for your project. The boxes that brand new motorcycles come in are huge--and great for this purpose.Draw and CutOpen the box so that i... Read More »