What is a pipe clamp?

Answer In woodworking, a pipe clamp is a tool used to hold parts together while being assembled. In plumbing, a pipe clamp is a device that is used to hold pipe in Woodworki... Read More »

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How to Clamp a Muffler to a Pipe?

Connecting a replacement muffler to an exhaust tail pipe requires a specialized clamp for different types of joints. A butt joint is when you have two pieces of pipe pushed together end to end. A s... Read More »

Pipe Clamp Storage Ideas?

Pipe clamps are extremely handy devices for use in holding furniture and similar large objects together for gluing, drilling or other operations requiring securely joined surfaces. According to Eve... Read More »

Storage Ideas for a Horizontal Pipe Clamp?

Pipe clamps are used in cabinetmaking for many purposes, the most common being gluing panels together. Pipe clamps consist of a head and tail that can be attached to a metal pipe of any length, all... Read More »

Will a 2.25-inch exhaust pipe clamp to a 2-inch?

A 2-inch and 2.25-inch exhaust pipe can be clamped together. The end of the 2-inch pipe will need to be expanded to fit inside the 2.25-inch pipe snuggly before clamping.Resources:SFX Resources: St... Read More »