What is a pinky tip size reddish purple lump on my babies neck?

Answer hi im in the same position as u but i am probibly a lot younger i am 12 years old and 2 months pregnant i havent grown alot yet but showing a bit my mam and dad think im just gaining weight and i t... Read More »

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6 yr old child has a firm lump on right side of neck oblong shape about half inch long in lymph node area other side of neck is tender and possible lump too?

Swollen lymph modes in children is very common and can be from many things including an infection or virus and allergies. Lymph nodes on the neck can be from ear aches/infections, sore throats, run... Read More »

I'm scared, I have a small lump behind my right ear and 1 lump half way between my shoulders and neck?

It might just be lymph nodes,those are usually harmless,it just means you body is fighting off an infection,where you sick?if your doctor informed you that your fine then most likely you are,i have... Read More »

Dark lump on pinky finger...?

I'd see a doctor about it. It sounds like an under the skin wart to me

Lump in my neck, what should I do?

I really don't believe your lump has anything to do with your allergies. It can mean other things such as a cyst, tumor, or nodes. I should particularly be concerned if I were you since you have be... Read More »