What is a pink and brownish discharge?

Answer Answer answer Implantation bleeding

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Brownish pink mucus discharge..?

It could possible be implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding, also called implantation spotting, does not look like a regular menstrual period. Implantation bleeding is scanty and usually pink... Read More »

Brownish pink discharge on depo?

it's very possible that you are pregnant, why don't you first get a pregnancy test, and then head to the doc's, for it's sure not right not to get your period since dec 31....

Light brownish pink discharge?

Well, you may notice a very light bloody discharge after a pap smear, since they do actually scrape off some cells from the cervix and there can be a little bleeding sometimes, but that is normally... Read More »

Pink/brownish discharge, 5 1/2 weeks pregnant?

congratulations to you, im also 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant and had some pink/brown blotty discharge a few days ago but only when i wiped and only the one time, as long as its not proper bleeding t... Read More »