What is a pinch collar and why would you use one?

Answer A pinch collar is a dog collar used in training methods. Its purpose is similar to that of a choke collar in that it causes the dog some discomfort when either the dog or its owner pulls on the lea... Read More »

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Proper Uses for a Pinch Collar?

Although it looks like a torture device, a prong collar, or pinch collar as it is sometimes called, can be extremely beneficial when it comes to training your dog. Especially if you have an excepti... Read More »

How to Use a Top Paw Chrome Pinch Training Collar?

The Top Paw chrome pinch training collar is a popular collar for controlling leash pulling among dogs of all sizes. The collar has a formidable appearance because of the pairs of metal prongs that ... Read More »

What does it mean to pinch out old blooms?

This form of pruning involves pinching at the base of the bloom, producing twice the number of flowers from a single stem. Pinching off the old blooms encourages growth of new blossoms, allowing th... Read More »

How to Make a Pinch Pot?

Pinch pots.Pinch pots are created by using your hands to press and shape the clay. Small bowls to very large vessels can be created by pinching the clay. Pinch pots are some of the oldest archaeolo... Read More »