What is a pinata made of?

Answer Historically, pinatas have been crafted from many things. They were originally made of clay pots or hardened reeds. Today's pinatas are almost always made of paper mache, as the material is light ... Read More »

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What was the Pinata used for?

The pinata originated in China and was used as a symbol of luck during New Year celebration. They became popular in Europe as part of the celebration of Lent. Spanish missionaries used pinatas in N... Read More »

What is a pinata?

Pinatas are made in different shapes and are tied to a string wrapped around a branch and beaten by blindfolded children with a stick, until it breaks and candy spills out. Even though pinatas are ... Read More »

How to Buy a Pinata?

A piñata is a colorful and entertaining addition to a birthday party. Everybody can admire the brightly colored creature until it's time to take turns trying to hit it. Then it all ends in candy.

Where did the pinata originate from?

The pinata originated in Italy. Mexico adopted it as a tradition for celebrations, such as birthday parties for children. Originally, clay pots were used but the more modern pinatas are made of car... Read More »