How can you tell a girl worm from a boy worm?

Answer A. Earthworms are hermaphroditic meaning each worm has organs of both sexes. The male gonopores are usually within the first 12-15 segments, and the female gonopores are further back, close to the ... Read More »

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How do I get rid of W32/Gaobot.worm.gen.u - Win32/RBot.3eu!Worm ?

just gostart > run > then in the open box Type in and enter the followingmrtit will start the windows malicious software removal tooldo a full scanAndI suggest you run a scan with malwarebytes .you... Read More »

What is a worm saw?

A worm-drive saw, also known as a circular saw, is a round power saw with jagged teeth that runs on electricity at a high speed. Worm-drive saws are powerful and are used to cut heavy lumber.Source... Read More »

What is a VBS worm?

A VBS worm is short for Visual Basic Scripting worm. This computer virus is spread through the open shares on a computer network. The worm spreads by creating a fake IP address and attempting to co... Read More »

What is a Trojan worm?

A Trojan worm is a type of computer file which seems harmless, but will dig into your computer and "eat" data from many different files very quickly. It is more dangerous and harder to remove than... Read More »