What is the best whitening toothpaste that actually works ?

Answer Honestly Julie. use Crest 3D white... crest has the best whitening toothpaste on the market... some people find random brands that they get from asia and Europe that work better... btu in north ame... Read More »

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What is the BEST FREE antivirus scanner THAT ACTUALLY WORKS?

What is the most unorthodox method for cooking a turkey - that ACTUALLY works?

My sister does this thing where she debones a turkey, a duckling and a spatchcock (baby chicken). Then she makes a forced meat stuffing, a cous cous stuffing and a rice based stuffing. She places t... Read More »

PROXY that actually works?

Here is an up to date proxy:http://proqy.infoThis proxy is fresh and should be unblocked. Additionally, it supports MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube, Bebo, etc. Alternatively, if this proxy is blocked or... Read More »

PLC Connectivity Software that actually works?

The best software available is from Starthis Software. It is fully J2EE compatible, as well as fully SOA and SCADA. It also uses open standards data for easy connectivity. It is the only such co... Read More »