What is a phone tree?

Answer A phone tree is a list of numbers used to facilitate the calling of all members of a group. Through the use a phone tree, each member of the group would call one other pre-assigned member, and so f... Read More »

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How to Do a Home-School Phone Tree?

A phone tree is a helpful tool for sharing information with large groups of people quickly. In the home schooling environment, a phone tree might be used to announce information about a gathering, ... Read More »

Can anyone tell me what kind of tree this is (pink tree)?

floss silk tree?…

What is the name for the fruit of a hybrid tangerine tree&grapefruit tree?

The fruit of a hybrid tangerine tree and grapefruit tree is called a tangelo. There are many different varieties of tangelos, including the Orlando and Minneola. Their taste, color, and size depend... Read More »

What tree does the tree squirrel live in?

A tree that offers ready, safe access to food and that includes safe, comfortable living conditions for setting up a home is what tree squirrels [Sciuridae family] look for. In terms of food, tree... Read More »