What is a phone hobbyist?

Answer I'm sorry I can't "answer" this, but I also would like to know the meaning. I looked up a number and it "is reported as a phone hobbyist". I have a feeling that's another word for someone doing tel... Read More »

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How to Become an Amateur Astronomy Hobbyist?

Astronomy can be a fun and rewarding hobby, offering you a lifetime of fascinating observations and discoveries as an amateur astronomer. Astronomy can also be an expensive and frustrating hobby if... Read More »

Is the Sony Alpha A77 a good choice for a hobbyist?

1) Bad RAW files: It's not the class leader, but it's not so bad either. Unless most of your time is spent shooting in low light it's a total non-issue.2) The loss from the permanent mirror is ... Read More »

For a small business, what is better - VOIP or physical phone lines.. what phone system?

your telephone is every bit as important as your front door. You want to make it as easy to access as possible, and you want it work when you need it be there. Nothing worse than a locked front doo... Read More »

Is there cdn phone number or cdn website for a phone co. called i phone u Believe thats the correct spelling.? don't check credit history! ( for landline/cellphone)iphoneyou, is some kinda 3rd billing pre-paid Voip/Sip service....there are much better service out there! don't even mess with it!