What is a phishing filter on my PC?

Answer A phishing filter is a tool that helps a computer user avoid online fraud and scams when you browse the Internet. calls its version a Smart Screen filter, used with Internet Explorer,... Read More »

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What does a phishing filter do?

The practice of phishing is used to deceive Internet users into providing their personal information like passwords, name, address, financial information and Social Security numbers to criminals.Pr... Read More »

Where is the phishing filter in IE8?

Internet Explorer 8 includes a feature named the "SmartScreen Filter." This filter alerts the user of a possible phishing site, allowing the user to continue to the web page or navigate to the comp... Read More »

How to Turn on a Windows Phishing Filter?

Phishing is when an email message or website imitates legitimate and credible entities, but which are in actuality fakes designed to redirect you for malicious purposes. Phishing is a type of spam ... Read More »

How to Stop a Microsoft Phishing Filter?

The Microsoft Phishing Filter is a feature of Internet Explorer Version 7 and part of the "Microsoft SmartScreen Filter" in Windows 8. The Phishing Filter works to protect you from duplicitous webs... Read More »