How do I Calculate Phenotype?

Answer To calculate phenotype ratios, you must first calculate genotype ratios using a Punnett square. List all of the possible gametes from each parent, then cross each possible pair separately. The resu... Read More »

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Genotype & Phenotype Definition?

Genotype and phenotype come from the Greek. The word "typos" can designate a pattern, a model or an image. The word "genos" can mean the kind of thing something is or the race to which someone belo... Read More »

What Alleles Always Have an Effect on an Organism's Phenotype?

The phenotype, or expression of genes in an organism, depends on the type of genes present in that organism. Genes that always have an effect on phenotype are known as dominant genes, although ther... Read More »

What Are Middle School Activities on Phenotype?

Phenotype is the physical manifestation of a genetic trait, or genotype. Phenotype is typically introduced to students in 7th and 8th grade science classes. Units on phenotype typically coincide wi... Read More »

Can you determine the genotype of a pea plant trait based on its phenotype?

The genotype of a pea plant, or its internal genetic code, cannot necessarily be determined by the plant's phenotype, or appearance, because of recessive genes. Dominant genes may not allow recessi... Read More »

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