What is a pharmaceutical technician?

Answer A pharmaceutical technician works in a pharmacy or other medical environment to support a licensed pharmacist. Often a pharmaceutical technician deals directly with customers seeking to have prescr... Read More »

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What are the duties of a pharmaceutical technician?

The role of the pharmacy technician has evolved in order to lower health care costs and allow licensed pharmacists, whom they assist, to place more emphasis on patient care and advice. These factor... Read More »

What is pharmaceutical sales?

Pharmaceuticals is the term given to over-the-counter and prescription medications. The pharmaceutical sales industry involves promoting drugs to health-care professionals in an effort to increase ... Read More »

What is a pharmaceutical salesman?

A pharmaceutical salesperson sells drug company products to medical professionals. Salespeople must be outgoing and energetic to perform the essential functions of their job. Salesmen for pharmaceu... Read More »

What is the length of pharmaceutical patents?

Pharmaceutical drugs are protected by a 20 year patent. During that time, it is illegal for any other company to produce the drug without permission, generally through a production license. Patents... Read More »