What is a pet turtle's habitat?

Answer Turtles and tortoises have very specific requirements for captive life, and each species has a different set of requirements. In general, they will require a place to bask, a place to eat and drink... Read More »

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What is the best habitat for alligators&snapping turtles?

Alligators and snapping turtles thrive in habitats including swamps, marshes, lakes and slow-moving streams. Alligators and alligator snapping turtles are widespread in the Southeastern United Stat... Read More »

What Kind of Habitat Do Snake-necked Turtles Live In?

Snake-necked turtles are one of the many organisms endemic exclusively to Australia and the surrounding Pacific islands. They are related to many other freshwater turtles, spending their time livin... Read More »

How to Inexpensively Build an Outdoor Habitat for Red Slider Turtles?

Housing red slider turtles can be quite costly. This is especially true if your turtle is big or you have more than one turtle. As a general rule, the habitat should have 10 gallons per inch of you... Read More »

In a science fair project will a plant in a smoke-filled habitat or healthy habitat grow faster?

Answer I think you should conduct your own experiment and research and form your own conclusions.