What is a pesticide treadmill?

Answer The term "pesticide treadmill" relates to the resistance of pests to the effects of certain pesticides. As more pesticides are used, pests have evolved to withstand certain chemicals. This resista... Read More »

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What are pesticide residues?

Pesticide residues are very small amounts of pesticides that can remain in or on a crop after harvesting or storage. Levels are typically very low, for example a few milligrams of pesticide in a ki... Read More »

What is the pesticide pyrethrum?

Pyrethrum is a natural pesticide, containing chemicals which not only kill pests but pose a significant danger to humans as well. The U.S. Environment Protection Agency has conducted several survey... Read More »

What does pesticide kill?

Insects, bugs, little animals, plants, spiders and other arachnids, birds, rodents, fungi, bacteria, etc.

What pesticide kills brown spiders?

Brown spiders, better known as brown recluse spiders, are best controlled with insecticides when an infestation is present. Applications done by professionals are best and probably most effective, ... Read More »