What is a personal firewall?

Answer Most security software programs include a personal firewall, which is a version of the same technology businesses use to protect their networks. A personal firewall manages who and what have access... Read More »

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Sunbelt personal firewall trial has expired Running in restricted mode. how important is this?

Don't buy that stuff. Too bad you don't know how to uninstall it that would be even better. I use Avast antivirus on all my computers. The free version. It works more than well enough. Read More »

Would Comodo firewall + Avast firewall conflict?

Best product in the free-firewall category with impressive performance and an easy-to-use interface.Comodo…

Why do routers have a firewall when windows has a firewall?

you can leave them both on it is safer one external and one internal.but you can not run two firewalls in the same computer it will slow you down so much it will make your computer useless.☮

What does a firewall do and if i download a program like an IM program how does that affect the firewall?

A firewall will block incoming and outgoing connections. To setup a firewall you would select which port you would like to block.Downloading a IM will not affect the firewall. Programs that have a ... Read More »