What is a person who studies plants called?

Answer A person who studies plants is called a botanist, or plant biologist, according to the USDA. Botanists work as teachers and researchers in a variety of settings, including botanical gardens, zoos, ... Read More »

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What is a scientist who studies plants called?

Scientists who study plants are known as botanists. Botanists study all varieties of plant life, including trees, flowers, shrubs, bushes, ferns, mosses, algae, weeds, herbs, fungi and lichens. Som... Read More »

What is a person who studies bugs called?

A person who studies bugs is an entomologist. Entomologists study the interactions of insects with people and with other forms of life. Some entomologists specialize in certain types of insects suc... Read More »

What is a person who studies wine called?

The science of wine and wine production is called oenology, so a person who studies wine is known as an oenologist. Individuals who study the science and production of grapes are called viticulturi... Read More »

What is a person called who studies space?

An astronomer is defined as a person who studies outer space, which includes planets, stars, galaxies and other heavenly bodies. Astronomy seeks to answer how the universe and its components operat... Read More »