What is a permanent injury settlement?

Answer A permanent injury settlement refers to the compensation (typically monetary) that the Court awards to a person who has been injured due to negligence, intentional wrong or liability. The injury is... Read More »

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What can you expect as settlement for an injury resulting in permanent total disability?

Had to have a total knee replacement plus two shoulder surgeries am at 100 per cent disability

What is the average personal injury settlement?

A personal injury, in legal terms, is one which negatively affects your physical or mental health. This usually results from an accident of some sort. When the injured party feels that their injury... Read More »

What is the average settlement for a disc injury?

The average disc injury settlement due to an automobile or motorcycle accident is $340,328. Accident cases can become complicated when there is a preexisting injury or degenerative disc disease. Fo... Read More »

What was the first permanent settlement in the U.S.?

St. Augustine is the first permanent settlement in the United States. It was founded as a Spanish military base in 1565 and is the oldest continuously occupied settlement and the oldest port in the... Read More »