What is a perennial plant?

Answer Answer Perennials:-These plants are mostly shrubs and trees which alive for many years.They produce flowers,seeds and fruits year after year.E.g:-Mango,China Rose etc.A perennial plant is a plant t... Read More »

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How do I plant perennial hibiscus?

LocationChoose a sunny location that gets at least six to eight hours of bright sun a day. Make sure soil is rich and well-draining. Add organic material such as compost, leaf mold or peat moss if ... Read More »

Is a Citronella Plant a Perennial?

Citronellol is an oil that is present in more than 30 different plants, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency's website. This essential oil is used as an insect repellent. Although th... Read More »

How do I plant perennial salvia?

PlantingWait until the last frost passes. Select a planting site that gets a full 8 hours of sun and has good drainage. If the spot collects water after a rain, it does not have the appropriate dra... Read More »

How do I plant perennial flowers?

Break Up the Root BallHold the pot upside down and tap it to loosen the plant out. Take a knife and cut off the bottom fourth of the roots. Using your fingers, break up the root ball to loosen the ... Read More »