What is a pendulum used for?

Answer A pendulum is a weight that swings near the end of a rod or a cord, and is used as a measurement device. Time, acceleration due to gravity, velocities and the Earth's rotation are among the things ... Read More »

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What is a pendulum and how does it work?

Pendulum clocks have been around since the 17th century. This type of clock has a pendulum and works via weights, though in modern examples, it may be a spring winder. Weights are what keep the clo... Read More »

In what year was the pendulum clock invented?

The first pendulum clock was invented by physicist, astronomer and mathematician Christiaan Huygens of the Netherlands. Huygens presented the pendulum clock in 1657, and a description of the clock ... Read More »

What joins a pendulum to a clock mechanism?

The pendulum is in front of a clock, and hangs on a hook leading up through the clock. It works with a system of weights and pulleys that are controlled by the inner spring and gear mechanisms. Th... Read More »

How to Use a Pendulum?

A pendulum consists of a weight, called a bob, suspended from a rod or string that swings back and forth. Pendulums are found in timekeeping devices such as metronomes, grandfather and cuckoo clock... Read More »