What Are the Benefits of a Spa Manicure & Pedicure?

Answer There are many places for men and women to get manicures and pedicures, and many want to know why they should go to a spa for these procedures, which costs more money than a typical salon. Spas off... Read More »

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What Happens During a Pedicure?

After spending all day on their feet, many tired workers and home makers enjoy treating themselves to pedicures. A pedicure is a relaxing way to sit back and undo all the abuse that your feet have ... Read More »

What to Do About a Defective Pedicure Spa Chair?

A pedicure chair can be one of the largest investments a salon or spa will make. Excessive use and a number of environmental elements can cause the systems in a chair to malfunction.

What do women think when they see a straight man in their salon getting a pedicure and manicure?

I love it when I see men getting pedis. I know that he is a clean man that takes care of himself which is a turn on to me ;-)

How to Do a Pedicure for Men?

Learning how to do a pedicure for men is much easier than doing a pedicure for women. Most men want their feet clean and tidy, but don't care about shaping or coloring the nails. The main focus in ... Read More »