What is a peach tree?

Answer Peach trees originated in China and are related to other trees that produce fruit with hard seeds or stones in the center, such as plum trees, nectarine trees and apricot trees.VarietiesVarieties o... Read More »

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What should I do for my peach tree?

Good Evening Shanda K.I hope you had a great day. Your question was not very informative. I took it upon my own to view your profile. I see you live in Pearland, Texas, a low temperature of 72.Some... Read More »

How to Prune a Peach Tree?

Knowing how to prune a peach tree properly is essential to the plant's growth. The main purpose for pruning is to ensure the tree can maximize the light penetration and air circulation needed to pr... Read More »

Peach Tree Borers?

Peach tree borers are destructive insects that work their way under the bark of stone fruit trees and feed on sapwood. Early control is very important because once the larva works its way under the... Read More »

How to Plant a Peach Tree?

Peach trees are fast-growing fruit trees that produce as early as 3 to 4 years when grown from a pit. However, most gardeners prefer to purchase young trees from nurseries or tree farms rather than... Read More »