What is a pc card slot?

Answer PC card slots are narrow openings on a laptop computer that allow peripherals to connect directly to a computer's motherboard. The slot is about 2.5 inches wide and allows for direct insertion of a... Read More »

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What Is a PCI Card Slot?

PCI stands for "Peripheral Component Interconnect." The PCI slot is a receptacle for a PCI expansion card. The slot receives the card and firmly holds it in place; information from the PCI expansio... Read More »

What is an sd memory card slot?

As of 2010, many cell phones, laptops, digital computers and computers carried SD card slots. SD cards have become one of the most popular ways to transfer files between your PC and smaller devices... Read More »

What is a memory card slot?

A memory card slot is a slot in which you insert a memory card, usually in a card reader, computer, phone or other electronic device. memory cards are what contain the files and memory of the device

What is a PCMCIA card slot?

The PCMCIA was an organization that developed the technical specifications for what is now simply called a PC card. The slot is simply a method of connecting a PC card to a computer--typically a no... Read More »