What is a pc card slot?

Answer PC card slots are narrow openings on a laptop computer that allow peripherals to connect directly to a computer's motherboard. The slot is about 2.5 inches wide and allows for direct insertion of a... Read More »

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What does an XD& an SD card slot mean?

SD, or Secure Digital, and XD, or Extreme Digital, card slots are spaces in which a compatible flash memory card can be inserted to provide external file storage space for computers or portable dev... Read More »

What Is a PCI Card Slot?

PCI stands for "Peripheral Component Interconnect." The PCI slot is a receptacle for a PCI expansion card. The slot receives the card and firmly holds it in place; information from the PCI expansio... Read More »

Where is the SD card slot on the G1?

The microSD slot for the T-Mobile G1 model cell phone is under the green "Call" button in the bottom left corner of the unit. With the screen open, pull the tray out of the phone with your fingerna... Read More »

Where is the sd card slot in my pc?

Only newer computers have slots for SD cards which can be found on the front or on the computer near the USB drives. It is generally on the front or side of the laptop or on the side near the USB d... Read More »