What is a pay stub?

Answer A pay stub is often referred to as a pay slip or paycheck stub. The employer issues the employee a pay stub, outlining the specifics of her payment for the pay period. The pay stub is usually a per... Read More »

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What do you say when you stub your toe?

Dear lord i have stubbed my toe. That hurt very much.

What do you do when you stub your toe?

Take a piece of ice put it near skin toe.

What is the definition of a pay stub?

According to the Investor Dictionary, employers issue pay stubs to employees to confirm direct deposit payments. The pay stub documents the amount of money paid, taxes withheld and other deduction... Read More »

What is a program stub?

Stubs are small pieces of code used to form the skeleton of a program. For example, a method stub may simply be a method declaration with no code inside it. Stubs are primarily used as a place-hold... Read More »