What is a pauper's affidavit?

Answer A pauper's affidavit is an affidavit made by someone of limited wealth claiming that he or she cannot afford to pay for legal services or fees. Pauper's affidavits are used to ask the court to waiv... Read More »

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How can an affidavit be amended such as an affidavit of paternity.?

You can only "amend" a paternity affidavit if you have a paternity test done to prove or disprove paternity... In many cases this is something that the state will do (ie of child support orders)

What is an affidavit of domicile?

An affidavit of domicile is a legal document that verifies the address of someone when she died. It is used to transfer ownership of a property out of the deceased person's name.Required Informatio... Read More »

What is an affidavit of heirship?

According to the Texas Probate Code, an affidavit of heirship is "a statement of facts concerning the family history, genealogy, marital status or the identity of heirs of a decedent." It is a docu... Read More »

What Is a Publisher's Affidavit?

A publisher's affidavit is a written declaration of oath that the information provided is true to the best of the publisher's knowledge. The information is what the affiant (in this case, the publi... Read More »