What is a patio home?

Answer A patio home is similar to a townhome, although it is often a single story. One patio home is typically part of a cluster home that includes two to four housing units. A patio home usually has a pa... Read More »

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How to Space Between Concrete Patio & Home?

Concrete expands and contracts based upon moisture and temperature. This can lead to your concrete patio cracking if you have not placed expansion joints to cushion this movement. When pouring a ne... Read More »

Why should you put away patio furniture to enhance home security?

On One Hand: Yard Decor Can Be AmmunitionA burglar can use yard furniture to climb up to windows, and gardening tools and decor to break windows or pry open doors, so if you're going to be away, it... Read More »

Is there a way to anchor patio furniture on the patio of a vacation rental that doesn't look tacky?

Bolt them in the patio through the base of the chair. It won't be noticeable but will prevent it from being moved. Don't do it to chairs for a table as they won't be able to be used when sitting a... Read More »

What is another name for a patio?

I kind of like "outdoor space" myself! lanai