What does a paternity test mean?

Answer A paternity test is a type of blood test that compares the DNA collected from a man with that of a child. If matches are not found and the test is negative, the man is not the father of the child. ... Read More »

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What does an inconclusive paternity test mean?

An inconclusive paternity tests means that based on the genetic information it was not possible to determine whether the man undergoing the test is the father of the child being tested, according t... Read More »

What evidence does potential father require to request paternity test?

Simply that you had sex with her. see links below for instructions

How do you legally ask for a paternity test?

Send the alleged father a letter via certified mail, return receipt requested, asking that he submit to a paternity test. If he refuses, you will have to file a paternity lawsuit, where the court w... Read More »

How much is a paternity test?

The costs of paternity testing greatly varies by facility and location. Testing completed at a qualified establishment will range between $400 and $2,000. These costs also differ due to the type of... Read More »