What is a pata drive?

Answer Computer jargon can be very confusing and intimidating. When you're looking for an important piece of equipment like a hard drive or CD-ROM drive, knowing what PATA means is important.MeaningPATA s... Read More »

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What Is a PATA IDE Drive?

A parallel ATA (also known as PATA, ATA or IDE) hard drive uses a 40-pin ribbon cable to connect to the computer motherboard. A PATA cable may have 40 or 80 conducting wires depending on the transf... Read More »

How to Tell If Your Notebook Hard Drive Is SATA or PATA?

Computer systems have several different connection methods for using hard drives. Two of these are SATA and PATA. If you are unsure of which hard drive interface type you have on your notebook comp... Read More »

History of the Folk Dance "Pata Pata"?

"Pata Pata" is a rhythmic dance that originated in South Africa and was introduced to the United States in the late 1960s. This simple dance is especially popular with younger children.

Can you replace a pata hard drive with an ide hard drive?

Yes because both connectors are same shape and size.