What is a passive solar heating system?

Answer A passive solar heating system is any arrangement that employs building elements to naturally accumulate and release energy from the sun in order to help meet a structure's interior climate control... Read More »

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DIY: Passive Solar Water Heating?

Harnessing thermal energy from the sun is one of the most sustainable methods for heating water in a home. A solar thermal water heater is basically a solar collector built around a radiator. Cold ... Read More »

Who invented passive solar heating?

According to historical author John Perlin, the Greeks were the first known civilization to utilize passive solar collection by positioning their homes to take maximum advantage of sunlight. The Ro... Read More »

How to Use Passive Solar Heating During the Winter?

Using passive solar energy --- sunlight --- to heat your home in the winter has been a goal since ancient times. Today, it can involve simple or complex redesigns of window orientation and using ob... Read More »

We have just had this new fangled Solar heating system fitted.?

Dick, dear, did you suddenly come into quite a bit of cash? Solar heating, DVD, digital camera, ipod AND not one but TWO exercise, my, my!