What does the saying"no harm, no foul"mean?

Answer The phrase "no harm, no foul" is a way of saying that because no damage has been done, there is nothing to hold someone responsible for. It is often used to console someone who is apologizing for s... Read More »

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How to Get Your Foul Ball Signed?

Every child dreams of meeting his hero in person. For many people, that hero is a baseball player and the dream doesn't always fade as you grow older. If you are lucky enough to get a foul ball at ... Read More »

Why is there a foul smell under your floorboards?

Could be highly carcengenic mold growing under the sub floor

What Causes Foul Odors When You Burp?

Everybody burps. Burping expels air or other gases from the stomach through the mouth. Foul-smelling odors that are a result of burping can indicate a problem in the digestive system. They can also... Read More »

What Causes Spark Plugs to Get Wet & Foul Out?

When a vehicle engine is reluctant to start, it often means that the spark plugs need changing. Like many automotive components, spark plugs don't last forever. A common malfunction is a wet spark ... Read More »